How to use Keywords for SEO and Web Sustainability

By May 15, 2014Blog

SEO consists of two fundamental elements: producing search-engine-friendly content and obtaining high-quality inbound links. There is a third element that you should take seriously: staying on the right side of Google and avoiding Google penalties at all costs, since Google is the foremost search engine and getting banned is pretty much a death sentence for a web site, especially if it is a young web site without an established following. If you follow the SEO tips in this article your web site will attract a lot of traffic from the search engines and will grow exponentially.

Keyword optimization is a well-known strategy for helping people find your content, both through search engines and when searching within a website. But did you know that by following SEO best practices you could also be making your website greener? That’s because web servers and devices that consumers use to browse the internet both use electricity. And most electricity is generated by sources that are not renewable or clean.

The more findable content is the less irrelevant content a person needs to go through to find what they are looking for. Fewer pages loaded means fewer server requests are being made, and that fewer photos and videos are being loaded. In some cases, the customer may also end up spending a little less time on their phone, tablet or computer. All of that results in tiny energy savings, and those savings add up.

Now that you understand the connection between findability and sustainability, let’s take a detailed look at how to improve the findability of content through page level keyword optimization, a popular SEO technique.

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